The Five C’s to Be

At oBabu, our “Five C’s” ideology is the empowerment children need to be the best possible version of themselves. Curiosity, Creativity, Courage, Compassion, and Community are the building blocks for every aspect of learning in early childhood education. These skills are the foundation for the cultivation of fulfilling friendships, academic achievement, an inspiring work ethic and unshakable perseverance; everything a child needs to grow into a healthy and happy adult.

Innovative Curriculum

The first of its kind, our curriculum separates itself from the pack by centering everything we do on social and emotional wellness. We’ve done the research, looked closely at the modern needs of society, and determined the course of action that will best solidify the foundation our future leaders will stand on. We have fused the principles of character-building and play-based methodologies with academic prowess to create a cutting edge approach to teaching each individual child in the ways they learn best.

Live, Small Group sessions

As a relationships-first program, our goal is to have our oBabu community feel like a part of your family. We have assigned four core teachers to each pod of 20 students. Within that pod, your child will be sorted into smaller groups of 4-6 per session, and each session will always be run by a familiar teacher. This way, your child will have the opportunity to meet a wide variety of diverse friends without feeling like the “new kid” every time!


Not unlike that famous collection of superheroes... the oBabu Team has come together under one common goal: increase the accessibility of a quality, early childhood education by bringing it to a virtual platform. A platform that emphasizes social-emotional growth and healthy communication. Basically, we want to save the world, too. Separately, we are academic specialists, teachers, business women and mothers. Together, our individual talents blend to create a supergroup of educational ingenuity. With decades of experience and an endless supply of passion, this motley crew has worked tirelessly to develop educational super-adventures that will give your child the tools they need to build the brightest possible future.


In order to best serve your child’s entire mind (and their heart, and soul, and imagination, too!) our team has developed an interdisciplinary curriculum that improves upon the whole-child approach. In our program, academic achievement and emotional well-being are interchangeable - you’ll never have one without the other. With up to four sessions per day, your child will be in control of their own academic pathway; free to explore a variety of topics across an assortment of subject matter and in a myriad of ways. From basic math to fine art, and from STEAM crafts to print concepts, oBabu guarantees that each session will have something for every learner.


749 $


5 days a week

4 sessions per day

Live Sessions

Assigned Groups

999$ only

Our Essential Workers Program

Special Payment Plan for Essential Workers

Corporate / Enterprise Pricing Program

Subsidized Program for Employees


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