Welcome Friends

We hope you enjoy being a part of our community. We welcome new members into
our family everyday and we look forward to meeting you.


oBabu sets itself apart by prioritizing curiosity and creativity above all else. Our job is to inspire; to offer children a place where they can explore the topics that interest them the most, and discover what it is that makes their own individual learning style unique. Our sessions are the perfect balance between academic achievement, character building, and an endless supply of engagement. With oBabu, your child will learn to identify and express their emotions, recognize colors, defeat fire-breathing dragons, and create beautiful masterpieces… and they’ll do it all without ever being late for dinner.


We are looking for adventure seekers, magic finders, and fairy lovers to be a part of our startup journey. We need teacher facilitators, lead coordinators, a creative team (web and otherwise) and other various operational and administrative roles. If you think you got what it takes to fly with us, come along. Send us an intro video to hello@obabu.io. Include your resume. Kudos for a song and dance routine.


Get in touch and let us know how we can help