Our Platform

Let’s face it. The internet was not created with the child in view. We intend to change that. Our platform exists solely for the academic and social needs of your little one. No ads here and the utmost privacy is always maintained.

Video Chat

As your child gets to know the other children in her pod, she will want to build on those friendships. That is why each student is able to interact with those who are in their pod with your permission. Video chat can begin at any time.

Components of our Program

Our Educators

Experienced, passionate educators who are the leading innovators in their field? Check. Social-emotional development in a positive and nurturing environment? Check. A never-before-seen approach to academics that perfectly balances achievement, technology, and FUN? Check, check and check.

Our Community

Our number one goal at oBabu is to make your child feel like a cherished member of our community; and that’s precisely what they’ll be. Students will be sorted into pods of 20 students, and from that pod they will join small sessions of 4-6 students each week. As part of our relationship-first ideology, your child will never be the “new kid” more than once.

Our Sessions

Our exploratory sessions are carefully crafted to encourage natural discovery and a hands-on approach within your child’s specific interests. With endless possibilities, limitless creativity, and a solid helping of curiosity and wonderment… there will always be something new to explore!


We are a team of specialized educators who are committed to the future of early childhood education. We believe in kindness, right to privacy, family and friends, digital education, integrity and innovation. Our core thos centers around elevating each child to reach their fullest potential.